I’m a Fashion Designer who Dreamt of Being in the NBA

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When did your interest in fashion begin? What does a day in your life look like?

I remember being interested in fashion and clothes from the time I was a tomboy playing basketball in elementary school. My knee-high socks had to coordinate with my shoes, shorts, jersey, and scrunchie. My dream job was to be the first woman in the NBA and a fashion designer living in California. Two out of three ain’t bad, since I live in California now, too!

I start my day with a homemade latte and read a page from The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur to ground my efforts in service to others and within God’s greater plan.

The first half of my day is spent working on freelance projects for other brands, designing custom pieces or analyzing different styles to make sure their fits are consistent. The next half of the day is spent working on my business, Siena and Co., following up with our factory and suppliers, and planning and creating social media content and emails for the next week.

On a good day, I’ll get to finish up with some prayer time at the beach and catch up on a Netflix show with my roommates - currently All-American, where I get to live vicariously through fictional high schoolers in Beverly Hills.

How do you find motivation as you start your day?

Thanks to a podcast episode with Stephanie May Wilson and Caroline Schandel, last year I wrote a list of “declarations” that I recite each day. This is a list of truths I want to believe and is full of statements I declare that I want to live out. One set of declarations that motivates me every day is, “I declare today is a gift and I will serve and glorify God with it. Every morning I wake up thankful for the opportunity, and every night I’m patient and forgiving with myself for the day.”

Where do you seek inspiration for your designs?

My greatest source of inspiration is a lack of suitable alternatives. In several areas of my life, I’ve searched for something that I’ve needed but, since it didn’t exist, I felt compelled to create it myself. This is most often the case with my clothing designs. When searching for clothes to buy, especially a swimsuit, I usually have to compromise on style, quality, or an ethical work environment for the garment workers. The desire to design clothes that meet these standards serves as my inspiration.

Who would you want to see styled in one of your pieces and why?

Arielle Estoria. I first saw her host an open mic night and she lit up the room with grace and confidence. I have since followed her courageous efforts to stand up for all people and advocate for loving our bodies as gifts from God. I’d love to see her in Siena and Co. because she embodies a style of femininity and class.

What is one of your favorite motivational quotes?

“And if not, He is still good.” (Daniel 3:18)

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