Sustainable "New to You" Alternatives

I recently fell in love with this brand new $400 cashmere sweater. I can't think of a universe I would bring myself to pay that much for one piece of clothing. On the product page, I noticed a "rent" option, where you get to rent the item for 2 weeks for only $79. This price was much more accessible, and I like the idea that a garment is getting lots of uses, but I still felt that was steep for an item I didn't get to keep. I said a prayer and searched a couple online re-sale shops. Lo and behold, I found the same exact sweater, gently used, for $75! Not only was the price more manageable, but the life of the garment was extended by finding a new home. And I am happy to be its second mother, and will take great care of it.

Here are my favorite sustainable sites to get your hands on some items that will be "new to you" with less impact on the environment.

Rent the brand's items straight from their website.

Rent designer gowns and clothing for a fraction of the price.

A subscription to rent trendy brands like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, etc.

Online consignment stores, where you're buying directly from other sellers.

Online re-sale sites with curated selections.
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